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Solar maintenance services are required to maintain a solar system on a specific performance level to improve the output power and decrease the payback period of solar investment.

Installation of Solar PV System is just the beginning, but for reaping the complete benefits it needs proper periodic maintenance, as well the warranties of the system and system components could be void if not catered properly.

Despite their apparent simplicity, solar PV System needs professional and technical management to ensure maximum power production and an extended lifetime.


Physical Inspection

Bi-Monthly physical inspection of inverters


Fault Detection

Fault detection of fuses and breakers.


Charging and Discharging Status

Measuring charging and discharging status of batteries to increase their durability


Check- up of Solar Panels

Check- up of solar panels and their mounting structure


Keeping the Customer Updated

Keeping the customer updated on the status of its system.


Budgeting And Financing

Measuring charging and discharging status of batteries to increase their durability


Optimizing the Productivity

Optimizing the productivity of the overall solar powered system which will eventually provide cost efficiency


Cleaning of Solar Panels

Bi-Monthly cleaning of solar panels with Demineralized Water Pumping system will increase the solar panels’ efficiency.



Zeeno International  Offers a Service Level Agreement which is a Professional Solar System Maintenance Services package. This includes testing of equipment alongside solar panels’ cleaning through which we ensure 100 % productivity and effective utilization. We provide our customers with the best of after sale solar services across Pakistan.