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About Zeeno International

Zeeno International delivers cost effective, reliable and innovative Solar Energy projects and products. Best project management is our speciality where we pay special attention on customer requirements, efficient design, safety, quality, cost and schedule.


Our Projects are managed by recognized professionals who deliver the best performance in every element of project management from conceptual design to startup and after-sales services. Our Products are the best selection of PV Solar modules, Inverters, Batteries and other Energy Efficient Appliances. We are dedicated to provide adequately sized, professionally designed photovoltaic electric systems. Zeeno International is committed to promote energy independence with the installation of solar electric systems in our local communities.  We take exceptional pride in all our work from preliminary design through permitting, installation, final inspection and interconnection with the utility company.


So whenever you’re looking for please visit Zeeno International for all your queries related to Solar Energy.


To create innovation in alternate energy & test solutions and provide services beyond customer expectations. How we go about fulfilling this mission is what makes us a unique and fast growing company. With our best efforts, we are changing the way people think about solar energy, and other renewable energy sources.


The extensive use of fossil fuel energy has caused irreversible damage. The more we wait, the worse it will get. Pakistan receives an unlimited amount of sunlight- why wouldn’t we harness it to do our part to protect the environment? Together, let’s choose a more responsible way to power our lives: Let’s go solar.



  • Integrity

  • Strong work ethics

  • Direct, open, and honest communication

  • Commitment to clients

  • Quality Services

  • Product quality and reliability

  • Continual self-improvement

  • Team-orientation / commitment

Solar is a clean and safe energy source that converts sunlight into electricity for homes and businesses.



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